Kianga designs speak of the incredible variety of handmade materials from East and West Africa, Yemen and India.

Katia enjoys transforming the unconventional into something wearable. She uniquely combines simple elements like beads or tubes with unexpected elements such as hair pendants, earplugs or anklets.

Kianga designs typically fuse diverse cultures and textures: silver pendants from the Arab peninsula, glass beads and metal amulets from West Africa, ebony and horn pieces from Ethiopia.

“I create jewellery as an expression of my appreciation for handcrafted shapes and materials”, says the designer, whose unique talent lies in the transformation of humble materials into wearable art that carries meaning and history.

Hairpin pendant from Ethiopia

Mursi lip plate and copper beads and leaves

Selection of glass, horn and bone beads and bronze pendants

Inlaid bone rings from South Sudan