Inspired by the simple beauty of traditional elements and the colourful range of textured beads, Kianga creations showcase ethnic and modern elements which elegantly blend into each piece. Maasai fringed collars are echoed in swaying designs, glass wedding beads are reproduced in stark and polished recycled aluminium drops. Every piece becomes a collection of distinct materials, techniques and cultures. Traditionally, adornments reveal the social or spiritual status and play a very important role at ritual ceremonies. Kianga designs celebrate the inventiveness of tribal materials, whose charm and suggestion remain intact even when revisited with a contemporary flair.

โ€œI like for jewellery to tell a story and to express a strong personality.โ€

The traditional mursi clay lip plate is re-interpreted with glass and brass beads from West Africa

CLAY Lip plate, as used by the mursi tribe in the OMO region of ethiopia, represents female strength and beauty (PHOTO: PIXABAY)

The recycled aluminium beads mirror the shape of the ORIGINAL glass ones

MALI GLASS Wedding beads were MADE IN BOHEMIA, NOW the czech republic, and traded to West Africa, where they ARE USED AS dowry

A choker with horn and brass elements from Ethiopia, inspired by Maasai beaded collarS

Masai man wearing a traditional FRINGED collar

The horn flower ECHOS the FORM of hair ornaments FROM Ethiopia