Kianga jewellery and accessories are handcrafted in Ethiopia by Italian designer Katia Ostili. Her inspiration comes from the African countries she has lived in over the past 20 years.

The creative energy of the African craftsmen, the incredible wealth of ornamental elements and the vivid colours of the traditional fabrics, have all influenced her designs.

Working with local artisans, she transforms humble materials like recycled metals, bone or horn, into elegant elements. These are then combined with unique pieces, such as nose plugs from South Sudan or tribal lip plates from the Omo valley of Ethiopia, into bold and distinctive creations.

Katia carefully follows every step of the creative process, from the sourcing and designing to the final execution.


โ€œ'Kianga' is a Swahili word meaning ray of light and it represents a tribute to Kenya, where my creative journey started'โ€


Hand-made metal elements from Kenya

Inlaid bone rings from South Sudan

Fringed brass earring from Harar